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Arden Rose

A serendipitous collaboration in ink and charcoal, brought together and fueled by a love of art and wine. Our work is a fusion of influences, insights, and ideas that we use to challenge ourselves and create something beautiful. Each piece begins with a cohesive vision, though what we end up with is rarely what we expect. The composition is planned in gestures, words and sketches, but ultimately, we cannot truly see the vision in each other’s minds or account for individual tweaks and deviations along the way. Accepting these uncertainties as part of the process has resulted in new and powerful experiences. When the ink is dry and the forms are rendered and we take a step back, see our visions brought together in ways one could not have imagined at the start. Movement is key, favoring forms that are not just beautiful, but dynamic. Ink-work establishes the direction of the piece and creates our negative space. Abstract forms that float and move reinforce this direction and contrast with the realism of our figures. These figures move with force into the voids. For us, it is in this space that the weight and meaning of our art is found, in the uncertain and the limitless. What truly characterizes our collaborative work is the process itself, the conversations had, the bottles of wine shared, and the many hours spent working toward a common goal. We challenge ourselves and each other to hone our craft and develop our vision. 

As a two women team, we move with force toward

an uncertain

and undefined destination.

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Thyla Arden

Ayda Rose

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