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Call For ART

“Endless Summer”

Pop-up Gallery


ALL artists EVERYWHERE the Call For Art is NOW OPEN!!!


Arden Lee hosts an “Endless Summer” at The Branch At 1501 in Racine, Wisconsin on the 13th of March 2020.


Event description: “Join us for colorful cocktails and delicious Hors d’oeuvres while you enjoy shopping to brighten the dull days of winter or find the newest edition to the collection”


Theme: “Endless Summer”

interpretation of the motif can only be limited by your imagination.


Submission deadline: February 28th with accepted submissions being notified no later than the 1st of March. 


Submission fee: NONE.  “We don’t want perspective artists to be deterred by disheartening fees.” 


Artists may submit as many pieces as they like for consideration, however, the curator reserves the right to choose the number of accepted artworks that can be chosen for display at the exhibition. In-progress art can be entered for consideration but shall be delivered for display no later than March 7th. The Art exhibition will run through April 13th.


All artwork must conform to the following parameters:

·      All submissions must be original artworks.

·      Work can be in any medium or size.

·      You have to identify the size of your work in the submission email.

·      It should be “ready to hang” for wall display.

·      Selling price must be $300 or lower.


Space is limited so the earlier you submit your pieces the better!


 Email curator at

FB/Instagram @ardenleestudios

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